Be responsible products

A product may be called "Be responsible" if products or services, whose production is controlled by a management system that meets the requirements of ONRegel 192500 points 3 to 9.

These include, for example, compliance with the principles of social responsibility, determining the influence of the organization, identifying the stakeholders, determine the core subjects and issues, definition of business and CSR policies, providing of resources, adequate communication, planning and management of activities evaluation of performance and subsequently setting of continous improvement actions.

In addition, the conditions under which the product is manufactured, are tested for compliance to the requirements of ONRegel 192500 Appendix A.

These correspond to the core subjects of ISO 26000.

List of BE RESPONSIBLE Products
Currently a number of products according to the above criteria are checked.

The subject of the conformity assessment is the manufacturing of individual products (or product groups) as well as the management system related to the manufacturing process of this product. The certification does not relate to the product characteristics nor the suitability for use of this product.
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