Who is the owner of this label?
The label has been initiated and developed by The CSR Company, who also is the owner. The registration can be made at the Austrian Institute of Standards.

Can I get the Label for my company?
No. Companies cannot receive the label. It is only intended for products or services.

Why is the label available only for products and not for companies?
Because in the process of the audit for the label we look at how this product is produced. A company could have a very socially responsible production line for one product but at the same time have another product that might include not so responsible practises; therefor the label is only for the product line that complies with the requirements, not for the company.

Why register at Austrian Standards Institute ASI?
Registration at ASI will additionally enhance the credibility of the process you underwent in order to receive the label. The Austrian Standards Institute ASI is experienced and qualified to register and verify audit reports and administers the process of issuing the label. Further you will receive your label certificate from ASI to ensure that it comes from an ISO member body and therefor complies with all ISO regulations.

Why can the label just certify responsible behaviour down to 1st tier suppliers?
We had to draw a line. Some products have very long and complex supply chains. To ask for a complete review down to the raw material would limit the possible users. As we want to bring the label to a broad variety of responsible businesses and organisations, we took the conscious decision to cut off the social responsibility at the 1st tier supplier.  Organisations have got to start a some point and but we believe that a sparrow in the hand is better than a pigeon on the roof.

Can products regarded as societal harmful (f.e. cigarettes, fast food, weapons, etc.) get the label?
In general yes, because as ISO 26000 states very clearly it is not about WHAT you do but rather HOW do you do it. So it is about the process of producing the product or service, not what is produced. Many of us might agree that Tabaco is not the most socially responsible product as such, but we also have to acknowledge that if we look at things through the moral glasses a lot of industries would be needed to be excluded like Fast Food, Sugar producers, pharmaceuticals (animal testing), car producer etc. That can not be the sense of Social Responsibility and it is as said also not the approach of ISO 26000.

Does the CSR Company consult and audit?
No, it is a matter of ethics, that consultants never audit und consult the same time. We either consult or audit.

Where do auditors get training?
ASI and The CSR Company do train the first auditors nominated by CSR Company international partners. From then, audit trainings will cascade down, but ASI will keep quality control on audit trainings.

Are auditors independent from CSR Company?
They will be in the most cases, but some auditors will be staff of CSR Company.

In which countries can the label be issued and used?
The label can be issued and used worldwide.

Can I use the label as long as I want, once I have received it?
No. You will have to undergo recertification every three years.

How much does it cost to receive the label?
The costs depend on the region and the size of the organisation, as they influence the duration of the audit process. The registration fee is for

Less than 50 employees: 750 Euros
50 – 250 employees: 1.250 Euros
251- 1000 employees: 1.950 Euros
1001 – more 2.350 Euros

How long does it take to receive the label?
There are two timelines: one is the duration of the audit. The second are audit result and recommendation, which is submitted to Austrian Standards institute ASI, which will verify the results and then proceed with the registration. It can take an average of 4-6 weeks.

How long does the auditing process take?
This will strongly depend on size, branch and region of the company. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Why has CSR Company initiated this label?
Companies need means to show their social responsibility activities and initiatives. As ISO 26000 does not allow for certification directly a product label is a good way to show end consumers or within the b2b business that the company or the organisation takes great care and puts in a lot of efforts to implement CSR and has undergone a strict audit to prove that it has complied. This should then also be seen by the buyers.

What if someone misuses the label?
The label can be withdrawn.

Can the label be withdrawn?
Yes, in case of misuse or violation of the label standard, based on ISO 26000.

Can services also qualify for the label?
Yes, if the comply with ISO 26000.

How much does the registration at ASI cost?

Less than 50 employees: 750 Euros
50 – 250 employees: 1.250 Euros
251- 1000 employees: 1.950 Euros
1001 – more 2.350 Euros

How can my company benefit from getting products labelled?
The label is there to make the social responsibility engagement of the company visible to the outside world. It is a question of showing and addressing the buyer that this product has been produced in a socially responsible manner. It is about image and reputation, about market distinction and separation from competitors, and it is about branding – being seen as taking care – being responsible.

Who do I contact if I want the label for my product?
Please contact our team.

What can I do if my product does not qualify for the label?
Please contact our team.