What is "Be Responsible"?

What is a Seal of Quality?
Quality seals are graphic or typographic labels on products which certify a specific quality or other feature relevant to the product or service. These normally also have a certain level of awareness.

What is the purpose of a label ?
A label has to communicate clearly what it stands for to allow an image transfer. Products and services marked with the label get an additional quality sign which has a positive effect on the product and the producer.

The CSR Label is a quality seal.
It helps the consumer to find and buy products which comply ISO 26000 International Standard on Social Responsibility.
All products with the CSR Label “Be responsible” are “Corporate Social Responsibility Certified” They comply with the regulations of the Austrian Standard ONRegel 192500:2011-11-01, based on the ISO 26000 International Standard on Social Responsibility.

The Label includes
A definition of the products or product groups that have been examined, as well as the geographical area where the products are marketed. The certificate is valid 3 years. To keep the label, recertification audits in a 3 year cycle have to be performed within the company..